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About Us

About Us

A professional medical business that specializes in the care of individuals, groups, and families in Harris County.  The principal objective of Nutrix Medical Worx is to offer the Harris County community convenient, primary health care services while using a holistic model of healthcare.

Our group of healthcare providers focus on diagnosing and treating conditions of all ages while emphasizing in preventative medicine and the overall health and wellness of the patients.

Vision Statements

Nutrix Medical Worx will strive to provide quality, innovative care to improve the health status of those we serve in order to enable them to enjoy a better, healthier life.

Mission Statements

To provide quality health care for the families of Houston, TX; we are dedicated to serving the patients with compassionate, patient-centered, and evidence-based care. We are committed to close

collaboration with patients, families, and colleagues, and a scholarly approach to:

  • Providing outstanding patient clinical care
  • Educating future healthcare providers-leaders in primary care
  • Leading the improvement of patient’s needs, safety, and quality of care

Values Statements

  • Humility- We are modest in behavior, attitude, and spirit. We seek feedback and focus on the needs of others.
  • Innovation- We welcome new ideas, change, and more effective processes, and continuously seek improved ways to achieve our goals.
  • Excellence- We deliver the highest quality service and aim for the best possible outcomes through our dedicated efforts.
  • Quality- We aim to surpass high standards by delivering excellent healthcare every time.
  • Respect- We will treat our patients, their families and our staff with dignity and respect.
  • Responsibility- We accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes and the health care we provide.
  • Service- We align our operations and strategies with universally accepted principles to provide exceptional health care.
  • Integrity- We comply with strong moral principles and uprightness by a commitment to honesty, trustworthiness, respect and goodness.

Our Blogs

Our skilled physicians and warm support staff deliver a wide range of diagnostic and clinical treatments with compassionate, personalized care. We take the time to get to know, and grow along with, your family’s wellness goals, and are proud to be your trusted resource for a lifetime of good health.

Choosing the Right Doctor for Primary Care

Choosing the Right Doctor for Primary Care

If we talk about the healthcare needs of a person, your primary care doctor is the most reliable resource for you. They are always there to counsel you, inform you, test you, treat you in a proper way, and assist you in making some of your most critical health and...

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Benefits of Primary Care and Choosing the right Doctor

Benefits of Primary Care and Choosing the right Doctor

Primary care is considered to be the very first point of discussion when we talk about health services and it provides our entire health system with a point of view. According to the researchers, access to primary care is directly linked to improved health...

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